ENZO Alpin

is all about turning the yellow gentian into one of a kind beverages.          

   The gentian´s natural bitterness combined with selected herbs and spices creates the essence of our unique refreshments          

ENZO Alpin lemonade and ENZO Alpin APERO bitter liqueur.

Our products are 100% natural - no exotic pick-me-ups, no artificial knickknacks.

Truly alpine tonics made in Austria!

Jetzt neu:

Shhh... It´s the yellow one!

ENZO Alpin is made out of the yellow gentian, not the blue one.

Enzo Rosi
die neue ENZO Alpin Sorte
From Root to Bottle


Amaro Gentiana, the yellow gentian, gives our ENZO Alpin beverages their rich and unique flavour. Proud and thankful for this alpine plant we made it our mission to cultivate and preserve the yellow gentian ourselves.

Beginning Spring 2018 we will, together with a competent tree nursery, start to purposefully plant seedlings on our pastures in the Biosphärenpark region Lungau. We are more than excited to start this journey.

We will keep you up to date!

From Root to bottle

Erfolg und Misserfolg - weiter geht es ...

Leider hat uns dieses Jahr das Glück verlassen. Über 300 Jungpflanzen haben den Hitzestress dieses Sommers nicht überlebt. Ein sehr mühsames Aufzuchtprojekt mit unserem Gärtner konnte nicht den erwünschten Erfolg bringen. Die Enzianpflanzen sind einerseits sehr robust, andererseits empfindlich was Wärme und sommerliche Temperaturen betrifft. 

Für 2019 nehmen wir viel Erfahrung mit. Aus Fehlern lernen wir, und wir freuen uns auf einen Neustart mit unserem Enzian Aufzuchtprogramm im neuen Jahr!

In diesem Sinne - Euer ENZO Team

From Root
to Bottle
Coming soon

This month´s cocktail

ENZO Highlander

Put some ice cubes into a high tumbler

2 cl Single Malt

4 cl Pink grapefruit juice

1 cl Maple syrup

Give it a good stir and fill it up with ENZO Alpin lemonade.

Jänner Cocktail

Grapefruit Bitter

4 cl Single Malt

Saft einer halben Grapefruit

1 cl Zitronensaft

1 cl Ahornsirup

Shake & Strain


Mit ENZO Limonade auffüllen


Februar Cocktail

APERO Ginger

4 cl APERO

3 - 4 frische Ingwerscheiben

1 Blutorangenspalte - leicht angedrückt



Mit Ginger Ale auffüllen

März Cocktail


5 cl APERO

1 Limettenspalte angedrückt

3 bis 4 Dashes Angostura

Tumbler mit crashed Ice

April Cocktail

ENZO Orange

6cl ENZO APERO Bitterlikör

1/8 frisch gepresster Orangensaft

Grobe Orangenzeste

Crashed Ice

Tumbler hoch

Mit Sodawasser aufspritzen

Mai Cocktail

ENZO Espanol

3 cl ENZO APERO Bitterlikör

3 cl trockener Sherry

shake & strain


Juni Cocktail

ENZO Erdbeere

3 EL Erdbeerpürrée


Tumbler hoch

Eiswürfel ins Glas, Erdbeerpürrée dazu, mit ENZO Limo aufgießen.

Juli Cocktail

ENZO Radler

2/3 ENZO Limo

mit 1/3 herben Pils aufgießen

"In bitter we trust"


ENZO Spritzer

1/2 ENZO Limo

1/2 Muskateller

Nach Wunsch mit Eiswürfel

Mix it


Since ancient times, the yellow gentian has been used as a tonic and remedy. Amaro Gentiana is known as the most bitter natural substance there is and was a popular cure for fever back in the days.

Traditional Chinese Medicine attributes several qualities to the yellow gentian root: anti-aging, lowering insulin levels and stimulating appetite as well as the circulating system. An all natural alpine tonic!



The yellow gentian is a protected plant and may only be harvested with permission. It takes between 7 to 10 years for the plant to be ready to be dug out.

The higher the cultivation area, the stronger are the substances that are developing within the gentian root throughout this period.

We harvest our roots at an altitude of 1.200 to 1.600 metres and are aware that a diligent harvest can have a stimulating impact on the growth of the gentian plants.

Apero "from" the rocks


The roots are cleaned under running water, cut into tiny pieces and dried in the alpine air.

For our ENZO Alpin products we create a natural essence out of the dried roots. Added to it are fresh ingredients, selected spices and a lot of experience to then bottle up the unique ENZO Alpin taste.